Why aXsware?

More than 8 years persistent effort and improvement, creating this high precision and ultra speed pdf to dwg converter

We are happy to work around and add new features to get this conversion tool powerful on capability yet easy to use.

DWG DXF compatible:

This application creates DWG/DXF file(s), compatible with AutoCAD R14 to latest 2013 drawing format, works with and without AutoCAD, select PDF file and then this program automatically creates DWG or DXF files, open up the files with your CAD/CAM program and work on it, it’s that easy!

Retain Texts:

Want to search and change texts? It works too. You may firstly try to select the texts in your original PDF file, if text is selectable, then the texts will be recreated in the DWG/DXF files.

Retain arcs

By using smart object recognition technology, this aXsware software is much better than our leading competitors, all arcs in PDF retain at right location and right shape, see following pictures for the compare between aXsware and one of leading competitors.

Retain solids:

Convert solids and hatches in PDF to DWG, or just keep border lines of those entities? This is optional in aXsware pdf to dwg converter.

Retain lines:

Let's say this is very basic function, but not all other software solution can retain right locations, shape and thickness of lines, we've experienced much and fixed many problems.

Retain colors:

In the converted drawings, lines and arcs are same color as original PDF file, this program supports up to 256 colors.

Batch Process:

This application allows you select multiple pdf files or even complete file folder to be converted, process all the files in one go.

Raster to Vector:

Hand draw on paper, scanned blue prints, not a problem, this program is capable to vectorize scanned raster images, convert them as central lines or border lines, all optional.

Additional features:

  • Accepts single or multi page PDF files, convert pages into different layouts in a drawing file
  • Easy of use, no need for learning curve
  • Capable to run as AutoCAD add-on program, download ARX version and enter command line "PDFin", then you will be able to select PDF to import into AutoCAD directly.

System requests:

  • Window 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Pentium II 450 or better CPU
  • 512MB RAM, 450MB Hard drive

It takes one minute to learn how to use, and few moments to convert your PDF to DWG


View Demos:

To convert a single PDF

To convert multiple PDFs